Sacramento – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Santa Barbara, Megabus+Flixbus=$10

Flixbus and Megabus are the largest low-cost coachlines in the world. Flixbus is a German brand that offers intercity bus service in Europe and the United States since 2011. Megabus commenced operating in August 2003, initially in the United Kingdom , and later expanding into continental Europe and North America. Megabus sold all operations in the European mainland, as well as those services linking London with Europe, to Flixbus.

Megabus has entered North American market since 2006. Megabus is famous for its double-decker buses and $1 ticket pricing. When Megabus run sales, the ticket prices can go down to $0+booking fee($2.5 in the US/$2 in Canada per payment).

Flixbus entered the US only in 2018. Flixbus is famous for its brand new fleet and free Wi-Fi on board. Flixbus rarely offers $1 or $0 sales but its regular prices are low. FlixBus has established a widely-recognized brand with a strong following across Europe. So many European visitors take FlixBus when they travel in the US.

I bought my the Sacramento – San Francisco ticket for $0 from Megabus. San Francisco – Los Angeles ticket was purchased during the same sale. Unfortunately, I bought the ticket too late and had to pay $4.99 for San Francisco – Los Angeles trip. I was the 10th passenger to bought the ticket on that bus. Los Angeles – Santa Barbara ticket was purchased from Flixbus for 4.5 Euro. If you buy from Flixbus US site, you have to pay $4.99+$2 booking fee for the same ticket. The whole trip from Sacramento to Santa Barbara costed me $4.99+4.5 Euro. Megabus did charge me a $2.5 booking fee. However I purchased 10 tickets in that transaction, so it’s only about $0.25 for each ticket.
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旧金山是美国第二大金融中心,同时高科技企业云集。以旧金山为总部的企业包括Twitter、美国银行、Wells Fargo、爱彼迎、Uber、Lyft、李维斯、GAP、Yelp、、Square、Dolby、Dropbox、Reddit、Mozilla、Craigslist、Wikipedia等。



游客可以免费徒步穿越金门大桥与金门大桥亲密接触,或者在两侧的海岸线拍摄金门大桥的美景,如果到金门大桥北侧的Marin Headlands甚至可以将金门大桥和旧金山市中心同时拍摄入框。乘坐Muni公交车28路可以直达金门大桥南端的访客中心,由此可轻松开始徒步穿越金门大桥之旅或者沿两侧海岸徒步。

How to take a bus from San Francisco to Sacramento? Megabus $0 Trip

San Francisco – Sacramento route is served by three coach companies:Greyhound, Flixbus and Megabus.

Greyhound is the only coach company that has bus terminal buildings, the ticket price is about $8-9 each way.

Flixbus and Megabus are so-called “low-cost” coachlines which only have bus stops on roadsides. Flixbus tickets typically cost $4.99-$7.99 each way plus $2 booking fee. The earlier you buy the cheaper tickets you get. You can choose to pay more to get a front row seat.

Megabus tickets are mostly sold at the price of $9.99 each way plus $2.5 booking fee. The earlier you buy the cheaper tickets you get: The first 4 tickets on each coach are sold at $1 each. The price will go up from there and can go up as high as $13 each way although most seats are priced at $9.99. Premium seats cost more.

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Walk Across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and the US. It’s free to walk across the bridge.

How to get to the bridge?

Muni bus No. 28 has a bus stop right in front of Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center as a half-way point between Daly City Bart Station and Fort Mason. You can get a day-pass for $5 in MuniMobile app.
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Legion of Honor | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

The Legion of Honor is a part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The building is a full-scale replica of the French Pavilion at the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition, which in turn was a three-quarter-scale version of the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris.

The Legion of Honor displays a collection of European art and ancient works from Egypt, the Near East, Greece, and Rome.

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