Buffalo Niagara Falls Airport

This is the bus stop where I wait for the bus No. 24 to the airport. The bus fare is .75.

Standing in front of an abandoned building, the bus shelter is also a homeless person’s “home”.

All bus drivers I saw in Buffalo were black. Most passengers on the bus were black too. The only few white passengers looked like homeless people. One guy even had his pants half down. I was the only Asian I saw in Buffalo during these days.

I thought maybe Buffalo is a black-dominated city. At the airport, most airport workers were black too. However, almost all passengers were white. I did see a few Asian faces. But I saw even less black passengers.

When I say black in this post, I mean African Black. I don’t remember seeing any South Asian people in Buffalo. While in Toronto airport, most workers there seem to be South Asian.


Buffalo is a great place to take pictures not only because there’s lots of fabulous buildings here but also because there’s no pedestrians to block your camera.The city is dead.

I hardly saw anyone walking on downtown streets. At around 6pm, I sit at a downtown Metrorail station waiting for the train for more than half an hour. I only saw one person – a homeless black guy passing by with his shopping cart.

When I walked around downtown Buffalo, the few who were out on the streets were mostly panhandlers, black. I did see some white people dining at restaurants. I guess they all have a car.

Actually, there’s not many card on the street either. Most parking lots were empty. At some parking lots, you can see a black man waving a red flag trying to get cars to park at his parking lot.

At the hostel, I only saw 4 guests including myself during my 15-hour stay.