Killer Curry Cookoff

Who has the most mouth-watering curry in town? Curry is a signature dish in South Asian cuisine. You be the judge and decide which of the six dishes by our eclectic selection of curry chefs will earn the curry chefs will earn the Killer Curry title.


Fee: $8 for a sample platter

Friday, July 4, 2014
7:30PM – 10:00PM
South Orchard Tent
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario

The Host

Beverley Ann D’Cruz
This enthusiastic and dynamic food writer and blogger will bring some sizzle to the Killer Curry Cookoff. Beverley Ann D’Cruz is a journalist by trade and an amateur cook with a deep fascination and passion for the culinary world. She has also become deeply interested in the power and healing properties of whole foods. Beverley is a journalist by trade and enjoys cooking for friends and family.
Table For One

The Chefs

Nasir Zuberi
A Karachite by birth, and now at home in Toronto, Nasir brings his passion for food in traditional home-style recipes. His specialties are authentic Pakistani delicacies such as exotic ‘karahis’ prepared in a special blend of freshly ground spices with sprinklings of regional flavors from “Karachi to Khyber”. He is also known for fusion continental fare like ‘chicken sashlik’ for those who dare to defy tradition, but stay rooted in the rich cultural heritage of their homeland – Pakistan.

Entry: ‘Shahi Murgh Quorma’ (Royal Chicken Curry) served with mutur pulao (peas and basmati rice seasoned with traditional spices).

Zakia Rahime
Zakia is from Afghanistan and is one of the best chefs for authentic Afghani cuisine in Toronto. She is known for her work at the catering group, “Flavours of Thorncliffe”. Her cuisines include a blend of Central Asian, Eastern Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Entry: Afghan Kofta Curry(Meat ball curry) with Kabuli Palau. Kofta curry consists of minced meat balls with a dash of salt and secret spices combined with coriander and onions all mixed together in a curry. The curry will be served with Kabuli Palau, which is a made by long grained basmati rice topped with fried sliced carrots and raisins.

Suman Sandillya
Executive Chef Suman has been sharing his culinary expertise in the GTA for the last 30 years. He has prepared a meal for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during Ontario’s bicentennial dinner in 1984 at Harbour Castle Hotel. He went on to become a Chef at Queens Park where he served thousands of guests and politicians. Chef Suman has introduced Indian food in Mexico City and Cartagena.

Entry: Old Delhi style Butter Chicken

Jaswant Kular, Jaswant’s Kitchen
Jaswant is an executive chef, nutrionist, mother and loving grandmother. Jessie, as she prefers to be called, was born in Punjab, India and immigrated to Canada 40 years ago. She is passionate about food and always strived to feed her family healthy and delicious food. After years of cooking Indian food in the traditional time consuming way, she developed a line of complex and very authentic tasting all natural Indian spice blends. She now works with her three daughters to bring these products and easy to follow recipes to the world.

Entry: Masoor Daal Rice Bowl. A red lentil dish using two of our signature Jaswant’s Kitchen spice blends called Tadka Masala and Garam Masala, which allow you to cook the lentils quickly, easily and without any fat! The daal will be served over a fragrant basmati rice pulao making it a complete meal.

Bombay Street Food with Seema Omar and Amreen Omar
Bombay Street Food was started by Seema Omar and Amreen Omar. Seema grew up in Mumbai, and enjoyed the diverse delicious street food there. After moving to Canada, she missed the cuisine so she and her sister-in-law, Amreen started this venture to introduce these delicacies to Toronto.

Entry: Coconutty Chicken Curry. A traditional chicken curry with a twist of coconut. This dish is very popular along the coastal regions of India.

Sonya Gammal (West End Food Co-op) and Sonam
Sonam has lived in India for quite awhile and continues to develop her deep appreciation for Tibetan and South Asian cuisine. She has actively participated in culinary fairs organized by Tibetan women’s associations in India. While in Canada, her passion for local and healthy cooking has been demonstrated by attending numerous workshops like the Peer Nutrition Program and by volunteering at community food hubs such as the West End Food Co-op and The Stop Kitchen. Sonam specializes in the Tibetan momo which has been made available for gastronomes at Wychwood Barn and Sorauren Farmers’ Market.

Sonya Gammal was born and raised in Canada. She first learned to cook from her parents, both of whom were avid home cooks. Sitting down at the family table and sharing delicious home cooked meals, often with multicultural and local fare was the norm. Sonya honed her cooking skills by attending George Brown Culinary Chef Program and apprenticed under Chef Jamie Kennedy. Sonya’s passion and skill for cooking continues to deepen where she focuses on local, multi-cultural delicious and healthy food. Sonya is currently the Chef/Kitchen Coordinator at the West End Food Co-op in Toronto.
Entry: Tibetan Styled Curry. In collaboration with the West End Food Co-op, the team will build, spice and cook-up a Mixed Vegetable Tibetan Style Curry using in-season local and fresh vegetables and herbs, and spices such as turmeric, coriander and cumin. Curries can be either “wet” or “dry.” The team has chosen to feature a wet curry to enhance the flavor and textural component of the dish. Served on a bed of organic brown basmati rice.