Free Udon in Toronto

Udon Kitanoya is the first restaurant to bring authentic Kansai-style Japanese udon to Toronto! Experience traditional flavours of Japanese cuisine through Kitanoya’s signature dashi broth. Udon Kitanoya welcomes all local food enthusiasts to stop by and enjoy a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine.

To celebrate the grand opening on May 18, 200 free bowls of udon will be given out from 12pm-2pm.
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FREE Clothing Repairathon

Come by the Moss Park Market at 260 Queen St E for FREE clothing repair! Volunteers will be fixing and mending clothes for free from 11AM until 2PM. Weather permitting, we will be stationed outside the market under a tent.

Bring those holey sweaters, ripped jeans and shirts missing a button and volunteers will do their best to repair them. If you’d like to learn how to do repairs, volunteers will be happy to show you and help you mend your clothes.
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