Tune Hotel – Resorts World Sentosa by Odyssey Shuttle Service Horrifying

I just came back from Singapore/Malaysia border by taxi although I am holding a coach ticket from Odyssey Shuttle Service.

Let me first show you the false advertisement of the shuttle service on TuneHotels.com:

In fact, they only have 2 trips daily while I took the later one which depart from the hotel at 10:30am and leave Resorts World Sentosa Singapore at 10:30pm.

The ticket fare has also been increased to 30 RM(round-trip) beginning from June 1.

Unlike what you see in the picture, there was no wi-fi on board although I saw the same “Wi-fi ON BOARD” sign on the bus I took today. No TV, no entertainment system, you just get a seat which was a comfortable one though.

The morning trip to Singapore was fine. However, the trip back was a horrifying experience for me.

1: Bus arrived at Resorts World Sentosa(RWS) terminal late

The bus was supposed to depart at 10:30pm, however it showed up at RWS terminal about 20 minutes late and of course departed late.

2: Hassle at the border

The officer read my passport for 2 minutes trying to figure out why I have one “extra” entry stamp. Another officer read for another minute and couldn’t figure it out either. I pointed out that’s because Sarawak gave me another entry stamp when I flew to Kuching from Penang. They simply didn’t actually READ those stamps.

Then the second officer asked me to show him a plane ticket out of the country which I fought so hard to get from AirAsia just 2 days ago.

Altogether, they spent about 5 minutes to process my passport.

3: Coach left me behind at the remote Second Link checkpoint

After I passed the customs, my coach was nowhere to be found. It had departed without me. The bus driver must had not counted the passengers.

The next bus from Odyssey Shuttle Service is schedule to come 21 hours later which means I would have to spend a whole day at the border to wait. Horrifying…

4: Getting back to hotel by taxi

In the end I had to take a taxi back to hotel after midnight which cost me a fortune of course.

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Note: Odyssey Shuttle Service does not fall under the Tune operations and their services are by an outsourced provider.