Tune Hotel Kuching Airport Shuttle Service Sucks

Tune Hotel Kuching website claims there is an airport shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. However reality tells another story.

Here is the timetable of the shuttle service listed at their counter at the airport.
Kuching Airport - Tune Hotel Shuttle Service

In reality, I couldn’t get any shuttle service for the whole day.

I arrived at Kuching airport before 9am.

Golden System Car Rental & Tour S/B, which is the company that offers the shuttle service, refused to run as the timetable shows because they require at least 2 paid passengers to run the service.

Fair enough, I decided to wait for other passengers to come and share the van.

After 11am, the airport became busy. However, the shuttle counter was closed and of course I had no chance to find other passengers to use their service.

When the staff finally came back, I told the guy behind counter that I’d like to pay the price of 2 people. He said OK, board the 3pm shuttle. I got back before 3 o’clock. The staff told me there was no shuttle at 3pm, I would have to wait until 5pm. When I got there at 4:40pm. The staff told me the shuttle had left at 4:30pm. He told me to wait for the 6pm shuttle and pay 20 RM.

In the end, I took a taxi which cost me 26 RM.

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