The Evolving Legacy of the Chinese Culture at Harbourfront Centre’s China Now


Quanzhou Puppet Troupe

More often than not, the term “legacy” is associated with words such as “past” and “history,” which leaves many under the impression that a legacy is something stagnant. However, as Harbourfront Centre’s The Big Idea: Legacy has proven, a legacy is compromised of more than what has come before – it’s an amalgamation of knowledge gained from the past, questions asked in the present, and answers that lie in the future.

With this in mind, from July 11 to 13 Harbourfront Centre is asking you to forget what you thought you knew about Chinese culture at the China Now festival. From disparate influences and traditions, to the intersections of people, space and time, the inaugural China Now festival seeks to explore China’s enormous worldwide legacy.

Harbourfront Centre’s China Now festival will shine a light on the constantly changing Chinese culture like never before. From music and dance to lectures and films, this is an exploration to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Presented by Manulife Financial, in partnership with Can4Culture and China International Culture Association, working with the China Arts and Entertainment Group and supported by the Ministry of Culture and People’s Republic of China.