Kalibo: AirAsia’s Next International Hub

In a report published by the Boracay Informer, AirAsia Philippines is planning to promote Kalibo International Airport as its next hub for international flights.

In an interview with Jonathan Allen Yabut, the incoming chief of staff for Air Asia and recent winner of the AXN reality series, “The Apprentice,” management has already approved the plan to designate Kalibo International Airport as one of its hubs. “Aside from Boracay, we will also promote other tourism destinations in the province such as the Kalibo Mangrove Eco-Park and the Jawili Falls,” said Yabut.

AirAsia Philippines will soon be accepting delivery of new aircraft which the airline eventually plans to utilize to pursue expansion from Kalibo to China, Taipei, and Korea, leveraging the AirAsia-Zest group’s leading position in the market. Japan is also expected to become a target once Japanese authorities lift restrictions that are preventing any new Philippine carrier from launching services to Japan. The airline has identified Japan as one of its key target markets with the hopes of launching services to Japan from Manila, Kalibo, Cebu, and Clark.

Meanwhile, the Aklan Provincial Government expressed its support for the plans of AirAsia to designate Kalibo as one of its international hubs. “The promotion brought about by declaring KIA as a tourism hub will provide multiple opportunities for the province of Aklan,” said Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo, Vice Governor of Aklan.

Kalibo is the fourth largest airport in the Philippines and is presently the primary international gateway to the popular resort island of Boracay. As for Jonathan Yabut, he is planning to use his new position with AirAsia to help promote Filipino cuisine.”I am planning for AirAsia to also launch a food company showcasing the different indigenous and ethnic foods in Asia especially the Philippines,” said Yabut.