Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Hot & Spicy celebrates 15 fiery years: hot, spicy, soulful and smouldering!

The summer’s most incendiary event will take you on a trip around the globe as we sample hot and spicy food and artistic expression from some of the most fascinating cultures on our planet. Redefinition beats at the heart of the festival as we explore junctures between food and culture. Experience pairings of hot and cool in cuisine, delight in the fusing of food and music and witness the breaking down of barriers between chef, artist and audience.

Cost: FREE

Toronto Harbourfront
Mexico Amigo


contemporary African dance

Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Hot Sauces

Free milk

Free donuts giveaway

Free donuts

Donuts are cooked in organic coconut oil

pet the dog

aboriginal art