Hakka Opera

Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe brought us the opera Invading the Dragon Palace at Toronto Harbourfront Centre this evening.

For the past 20 years the Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe has actively participated in a variety of performances around Taiwan and overseas to help promote the art form of traditional Chinese Hakka opera. The troupe combines the “nine styles and 18 modes” of Hakka opera with comedic and humorous dialogue.

Plot Synopsis

The monkey king Wukong is in need of a unique weapon to defend his home base on Huaguo Mountain, which he occupies with a band of monkeys. After searching high and low with no avail, Wukong desperately dives into the sea and demands Hailongwang, the dragon king of the sea to offer the best weapons in his underwater palace. When the dragon king refuses to lend out the divine needle – a powerful relic used for flood control in ancient times – to Wukong, a hustling uproar begins.