Monaco Day Trip

从法国尼斯到摩纳哥有公交车,时刻表点这里,票价1.5欧元。买10次用的票则只要10欧元,日票5欧元,7日票15欧元(as of May 3, 2013



If your wallet permits it, try your luck in the Grand Casino and gamble alongside the world’s richest and often most famous. You’ll need your passport to enter (as Monégasque citizens are prohibited from gambling at the casino), and the fees for entry range enormously depending on what room you are going to – often from 30€ right up into the hundreds. You can also visit the casino without gambling, but also for a nominal fee. The dress code inside is extremely strict – men are required to wear coats and ties, and casual or ‘tennis’ shoes are forbidden. The gaming rooms themselves are spectacular, with stained glass, paintings, and sculptures everywhere. There are two other more Americanized casinos in Monte Carlo. Neither of these has an admission fee, and the dress code is more casual.
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