Bryant Park and New York Public Library Main Branch

New York City

Surrounded by skyscrapers, Bryant Park is a public park located in Midtown Manhattan.Although technically the Main Branch of the New York Public Library is located within the park, effectively it forms the park’s functional eastern boundary, making Sixth Avenue the park’s primary entrance. Bryant Park is located entirely over an underground structure that houses the library’s stacks, which were built in the 1980s when the park was closed to the public and excavated; the new library facilities were built below ground level while the park was restored above it.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of the signature examples of New York City’s revival in the 1990s. With a low crime rate, the park is filled with office workers on sunny weekdays, city visitors on the weekends, and revelers during the holidays.
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Xi’an Famous Foods, New York City

Xi’an Famous Foods is a Chinese restaurant chain-let that has seven stores in New York City. It offers authentic northwest Chinese food that’s delicious and cheap(although not as cheap as some Chinese restaurants in Chinatown). No tips needed as it’s a self-serve restaurant with no waiters.


Place your order at the counter near the door, then follow instructions to get your food at one of the kitchens. There maybe two kitchens at each restaurants, you just have to wait until your number is called as in a McDonald’s restaurant in New York. Drinks can be taken from a small fridge near the counter and don’t need to wait. You usually don’t need to wait for long to place your order. If you see many people lining up, they might have paid and are waiting for their food.
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