Khlong Saen Saep boat service

The Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat service operates on the Khlong Saen Saep in Bangkok, providing fast, inexpensive transportation through the city’s traffic-congested commercial districts. The service has a checkered reputation, due to the polluted water in the khlong and the haphazard nature in which the service is operated.

The 18-kilometre route is served by 100 boats of 40-50 seats, and operates 5:30am to 8:30pm daily on weekdays (7pm at the weekend). Prices are 8 to 20 baht, depending on distance travelled. The service carries about 60,000 passengers per day. It is run by a company called Family Transport.

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Chao Phraya Express Boat



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My Bromance



“Golf” a aggressive boy because he grown up with the broken family. He is only son who never be attention of the parents. “Bank” a lovely boy who came into family members. But he wasn’t welcomed by his brother. They learn to live together for overcome obstacles of the surroundings. Before they know the truely of the word “Brother”


  • Pongsathorn Siripinta – Bank
  • Theerapat Lohanunth – Golf
  • Worakamol Nokkaew
  • Wittawat Taowkamlue

Chiang Rai Sunday Walking Street

Sunday Walking Street is along Sankhongnoi, southwest of the town centre. Though slightly smaller, the Sankhongnoi Happy Street features more performances and cultural activities than the Saturday Walking Street.

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