Toronto Zoo

多伦多动物园位于Rouge Park国家公园,搭乘多伦多公交车即可抵达。我先搭地铁来到2号线东边终点站Kennedy站,然后转86A公交车。耗时非常长,从市中心到动物园耗时超过1个半小时。多伦多公交车是一票制,即便你从最西边的机场搭到最东边的动物园也仅需支付和搭一站路相同的票价。

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo




Panda Babies, Toronto Zoo


Eurasia Wilds

Eurasia is the oldest and most quiet part of the zoo. The area’s redesign was completed in 2014. The featured species in this section of the zoo are snow leopards, Przewalski’s horses, red pandas, and Bactrian camels. With the area’s redesign to the Eurasia Wilds two new species were added to the area, Steller’s sea eagles and Eurasian eagle owls; while several other species are now only viewable from the Zoomobile, including Barbary apes, dholes, yak, and mouflon, as well as the main herd of Przewalski’s horses.


A snow leopard at the Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo

Tundra Trek
After the closing of some of the Americas animal exhibits in 2007, the Tundra Trek opened on August 1, 2009. This area became the sixth region of the zoo, and showcases a variety of Arctic animals including reindeer, polar bears, snowy owls, snow geese, Arctic foxes, and Arctic wolves. The new state-of-the-art exhibits are larger in order to encourage breeding. Educational theming emphasizes the lives of the Inuit and the effects of climate change.

Polar Bear, Toronto Zoo

Polar Bear, Toronto Zoo

Tundra Air Ride, Toronto Zoo

Australasia Pavilion

The Australasian Pavilion features animals from the Australian mainland, as well as surrounding islands. Featured species in this area include thorny devil stick insects, a variety of small Australian reptiles, Western grey kangaroos, wallabies, southern hairy-nosed wombats, kookaburras, red-tailed black cockatoos, Matschie’s tree-kangaroos, and Komodo dragons. The Komodo dragons were donated to the zoo as a gift from the President of Indonesia. This pavilion once had an “Edge of Night” section to highlight crepuscular and nocturnal marsupials, but this was later converted into the Great Barrier Reef exhibit featuring sea horses, a live coral and jellyfish tank, lion fish, brownbanded bamboo sharks, and a 7-metre (23 ft) long community tank. The exhibits inside the pavilion also received facelifts during the transition, including and outdoor area for the hairy-nosed wombats and swamp wallabies.





Canadian Domain

The Canadian Domain is situated in the Rouge Valley. The animals in this area will all be regrouped onto the table land. The Canadian Domain was built in accompaniment with the Canadian Domain Ride, which exhibited North American animals in their native environment. Featured species in this area include, elk, bison, moose, bald eagle, cougar, lynx, raccoon, and grizzly bear. The Toronto Zoo is currently participating in a breeding program for the Canadian bison. Canadian Domain is slated to be moved onto the zoo’s tableland in coming years and renamed Canadian Wilderness.

African Savanna

Opened in 1998, the African Savanna became the zoo’s largest expansion in history. The African Savanna combined with the African Rainforest Pavilion encompasses most of the southern third of the zoo. The African Savanna featured species include lions, Grévy’s zebras, olive baboons, greater kudus, sable antelopes, white rhinoceroses, river hippopotamuses, spotted hyenas and masai giraffe. The African Rainforest Pavilion holds the world’s largest indoor gorilla exhibit, as well as dozens of other more sensitive African species, including meerkats, red river hogs, West African dwarf crocodiles, and pygmy hippopotamuses. The south side of the African Rainforest Pavilion underwent extensive renovations in 2009 and 2010, and opened in the spring of 2011. The south side of the pavilion is completely refurbished and showcases ring-tailed lemurs.

Giraffe, Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo


The Indo-Malayan area contains two pavilions that exhibit plants and animals from the southern and southeast Asia. There are four outdoor exhibits in this area. Featured animals in this area include Indian rhinos, Malayan tapirs, lion-tailed macaques, Sumatran orangutans, Mandarin ducks, spiny turtles, rare Sumatran tigers, and various freshwater fish. The Malayan Woods Pavilion houses butterflies, whistling ducks, red-tailed green rat snakes, and clouded leopards.

Fish Tank, Toronto Zoo


Malayyan Woods, Toronto Zoo