Artist Talk: New Year’s Print-Making

Join us for an exploration of each artist’s craft, trajectory and connection to legacy throughout the weekend in this interactive artist talk.

Originating in the Ming dynasty, this technique of wood printing and hand painting delivers a beautiful piece of artwork. Yangliuqing is a region southeast of Beijing that is known for creating some of the best New Year’s prints in China. The artists Wang Wenda 王文达 (carver), Chen Yuhua 陈玉华 (painter), Gao Yan 高筵 (outliner) are from Yangliuqing Painting Workshop/ Museum of Yangliuqing New Years Pictures and will be demonstrating New Year’s prints. Historically, Yanliuqing woodblock prints have been among the best-known types of New Year’s prints.

During the Spring Festival, people hang New Year’s prints on doorways, walls, and other surfaces to bestow good luck upon their homes and businesses. Among the best-known types are the Yangliuqing woodblock prints, named for a small town eighty miles southeast of Beijing. With its characteristic bright colors, graceful lines, and traditional subjects, the Yangliuqing print tradition dates back to the sixteenth century and continues today through such endeavors as the Yangliuqing New Year’s Print Workshop, where the three Festival participants work. The process includes outlining, carving, printing, and applying additional color with a fine brush. It may take a group of artists forty days to complete one print.

Watch the artists at work throughout the weekend at the Artisan Village.

Everyone: FREE

Saturday, July 12, 2014
5:00PM – 5:45PM
Zone 5
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario

Gao Yan, Wang Wenda, Chen Yuhua
Yanliuqing is a town eighty miles southeast of Beijing. The Yanliuqing Museum/Workshop is a government-sponsored entity with studios of artists working on different parts of the process.

Gao Yan is in his late 20s. He holds a degree in fine art, with a focus in painting. He specializes in creating the outline of the picture/image on thin sheets of paper, which are then adhered to the wood block and used as the guide for carving. His position also involves the creation of larger-scale paintings that are not used simply as carving templates.

Wang Wenda is in his 70s. He is a senior carver at the shop who has been working there for more than 50 years. He will demonstrate wood-block carving.

Chen Yuhua is in her 50s or 60s. She specializes in applying additional color (painted with a brush) to the printed images. She has been working in the shop for more than 20 years.