Artist Talk: Lusheng Making and Leishan Miao Music and Dance Group

Join this artist talk to learn more about the Miao group of singers, dancers, and lusheng players from Guizhou who have brought their rich heritage to Harbourfront Centre.

Everyone: FREE

Sunday, July 13, 2014
2:00PM – 2:45PM
Zone 6
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario

Mo Ming 莫铭
Mo Ming is a musician and fifth-generation lusheng maker from Paika, a village in Guizhou Province that is famous for lusheng making. He majored in lusheng performance at Guizhou University. He has also helped innovate on the traditional design of the instrument by combining stainless steel and bamboo. His uncle, Mo Yanxue, is a recognized master instrument maker who can make lushengsof more than twenty pipes.

The Miao are an ethnic group residing primarily in the mountainous areas of southern China, especially Guizhou Province. They also live in neighboring countries as well as in the United States and Australia, where they are more generally known as the Hmong. Consisting of six artists from Leishan County of southeastern Guizhou, the Leishan Miao Music and Dance Group consists oflusheng player Yang Zhengchao 杨证超, lusheng maker and player Mo Ming莫铭, and singers/dancers Liang Xiaoying 梁晓英, Wu Chunhua 吴春花, Li Lan 李兰, and Li Lingting 李灵婷.