Artist Talk: Clay Figurines

Tianjin Zhang clay figurines are some of the most recognizable and famous clay arts in China. These clay figures are made by manually kneading and craving the clay into detailed animal or human characters.

The artists who make clay figurines draw their inspiration from characters in classical literature, stage dramas and folktales, as well as scenes from everyday life. They shape and carve animal and human figures that are exchanged as gifts during Festival times. They are also commissioned to make realistic 3D portraits of clients based on photographs. The raw material of this two thousand- year-old tradition is a mixture of clay, fiber, river sand and water. Today, artists incorporate new materials, such as plastic, stone, wood and metal into the clay.

Everyone: FREE

Friday, July 11, 2014
9:00PM – 9:45PM
Zone 5
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario

Tianjin Clay Figurine Zhang Workshop

The Tianjin Clay Figurine Zhang Workshop is a state-owned company that is devoted to the research and production of painted clay figurines. Ms. Fu and Mr. Zhao will demonstrate different aspects of the process of producing these figurines—they will take turns demonstrating the sculpting/forming process and the painting process. The figures they produce range in subject matter from characters from traditional narratives, zodiac animals, humorous figurines, and commissioned portraits of people, animals, and scenes.