Honda Indy preparations under way

The 2014 Honda Indy is less than one month away, and the fun has already started.

Crews have been hard at work, converting Toronto’s streets surrounding Exhibition Place into race tracks for a double dose of races starting on July 18.

“Seeing the Indy Cars whip around the streets of Toronto, the speeds that we hit is cool itself, but over the three days its so much more than that,” said James Hinchcliffe, an Indycar Series driver.

“It’s fun it’s fast, its loud, its sexy, almost sensory overload, but give me things to do with my friends, my buddies, my girl friends, let me come down and check it out,” said Charlie Johnstone, president of Honda Indy Toronto.

This year, you won’t be restricted to just watching really fast cars. For instance, for the first time, you could watch lumberjacks duke it out in the STIHL Timbersports Series.

“We know they get huge crowds and I think with our Timbersports and their racing it’s going to go hand-in-hand pretty well,” said Cecil Starr, a lumberjack athlete.

The organizers of the Honda Indy in Toronto introduced these activities outside the race last year and it’s been a hit since, so expect a lot more of these in upcoming races.