Hong Kong Airlines Baggage Policy Change




所有香港航空營運航線的免費寄艙行李將不限制件數,而最高總重量限額更改為30公斤/66磅(商務艙) 及20公斤/44磅(經濟艙) ;金鵬俱樂部金咭會員可額外享20公斤/44磅限額,銀咭會員則可額外享10公斤/22磅限額。

同時超額行李收費規定亦作出修改,所有超過指定免費寄艙行李限額的收費將以地區為基礎,按每公斤/2.2磅 計算。


(852) 3151 1888 (香港)
(86) 950715(中國內地)


【New Checked Baggage Policy of Hong Kong Airlines】

Hong Kong Airlines would amend the Checked Baggage Policy for ticket issued on/ after 30 Mar 2014.

For all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines, there would be no restriction on the number of pieces for the free checked baggage allowance. The
maximum combined weight would be changed to 30kg/66lbs for Business Class, and 20kg/44lbs for Economy Class. For members of Fortune Wings Club, there would be extra 20kg/44lbs quota for gold members, and extra 10kg/22lbs quota for silver

In addition, for all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines, charges for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance would be calculated
per kilogram/2.2lbs on a zone basis.

For updated checked baggage policy, please refer to www.hongkongairlines.com. Passengers may also call our hotline for further informations.

Hong Kong Airlines Call Centre:
Hong Kong: (852) 3151 1888 / Mainland China: (86) 950715