Vietjet Air Sale

Wow! To celebrate Airbus A320 “Sharklet”, VietJetAir is offering 10,000 fares on its newest routes for just VND100,000 The promotion is valid from 21h-23h59 within 3 days 15,16,17 Oct 2013 and applied to the following routes: Hanoi-Hue, Hanoi-Buon Me Thuot, Ho Chi Minh – QuyNhon.

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1. Booking time: 21h-23h59 on 15,16,17 Oct 2013
2. Travel time:
From Oct 20, 2013 to Apr 20, 2014 (Not applicable during local and international holidays)
3. Promotion fares: 100,000 dong, excluding VAT, airport fees and others
4. Available seats:  10,000 tickets
5. Routes: 3 domestic routes
Hanoi –Hue-Hanoi
Hanoi-Buon MaThuot-Hanoi
HCMc –Quy Nhon-HCMc
6. Tickets:
– Name change: Not allowed
– Ticket refund: Not Allowed
7. Destination change &Flight time change: Allowed with fee applicable (if any)
8. Promotion channel:
Website and mobile
9.Payment method:
– Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard) and Debit card

+The promotion can be terminated earlier than expected when the discounted tickets are sold out