Taz-Mania Hostel, Istanbul, Turkey

Taz-Mania Hostel is a new hostel opened in July 2013. All the facilities in the hostel are brand-new.

I paid only 6.8 Euro per night for my stay. The hostel is currently only available for booking on Booking.com

The dorms are spacious with cabinets and even chairs and tables in some rooms.

Taz-Mania Hostel

The lockers are big enough for most people. They are located outside the dorms, so you don’t get disturbed by the noise people make while they pack and unpack.

Taz-Mania Hostel

Linens and everything in the rooms are very clean. Towels are available for free upon request.

Rooms are clean but they are not cleaned daily as there’s usually only one staff working at the hostel.

There is only one shower room at the basement for more than 10 guests, so you may have to wait for shower during peak time.
Taz Mania Hostel

The kitchen is equipped with everything you need – a refrigerator, a toaster,a kitchen stove(with oven), a microwave oven and even a dishwasher.

Taz Mania Hostel

There is a small courtyard just outside the kitchen. A few tables are chairs are placed in the courtyard. Here is also the place to watch big-screen TV and play video games. People often chat, drink and smoke here until around midnight. The 4-bed dorm faces the courtyard while the 6-bed dorm faces the street.

Taz-Mania Hostel

Washing machine
Washing Machine: 2 Euro/load


Taz-Mania Hostel is located near Besiktas ferry terminal. A trip to Asia costs less than 1 lira by boat with Istanbulkart.

Along Barbaros Blv nearby are various coach companies’ offices. Not only you can purchase your coach tickets here , you can also get from/to here by free shuttle bus provided by your coach company.

There are numerous restaurants and shops around the hostel. Several supermarkets are nearby, including 3 Dia, 1 Sok, 1 Üçler, 1 M?GROS. M?GROS and Üçler are much larger but more expensive.

There is a post office – ptt at the basement level of the shopping complex behind Üçler supermarket.

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