Wat Phikulthong, Wat Cheng Buddhavas & Wat Mai Suwan Khiri

All these three wats are easily accessible by bus. Cityliner bus no. 19 goes to Wat Phikulthong and Wat Cheng Buddhavas which are next door to each other; Bus no. 43 goes to Wat Mai Suwan Khiri which is within walking distance from the previous two wats.

I was at the city centre bus terminal at 9am and was told there was a No. 43 bus departing at 9:30. I didn’t see the no. 43 bus, but found a No. 19 bus about to depart. So I boarded the No. 19 bus and get to Wat Phikulthong and Wat Cheng Buddhavas first. The bus fare was RM 3.

I waited for more than an hour to get a bus back to the city. You might have to wait for 2 hours if you want to catch a bus No. 43. If you don’t want to wait, you can take a shared taxi which costs RM 4, RM 1 more than the bus. Although a taxi back to Kota Bharu is not very easy to find either and that’s why I ended up on a bus back.

Wat Phikulthong

Wat Cheng Buddhavas

Wat Mai Suwan Khiri