Airbnb’s top 10 trending summer destinations for 2019

Plenty of under-the-radar destinations are making a big impression on Airbnb customers as the company revealed the top 10 places that are about to trend this summer.

Nature breaks are popular with Airbnb guests as company reveals its trending destinations for summer. Image by Getty

To discover the top trending destinations Airbnb customers are heading to this summer, the company looked at data for for bookings made between 1 June and 2 September this year and compared it to bookings for the same time last year to find out what destinations had the highest percentage of growth. From palm-fringed coastlines to off-the-grid towns and sublime natural parks, these places are generating more interest than usual.

Valenciennes, France (704%)

Valenciennes, home to Scarpe-Escaut park, is the most trending destination this summer on Airbnb. Image by Getty

This small town near the Belgian border experienced the highest surge in bookings at 704%. Nicknamed the ‘Athens of the North’ in the 19th century due to its artistic activity, Valenciennes is today renowned for its fine art museum which houses masterpieces from Antoine Watteau and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. It’s also home to Scarpe-Escaut Regional Park, one of France’s oldest national parks and popular with hikers and cyclists.
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Lonely Planet to Revamp Its Guidebooks, Starting With China

Luis Cabrera, the newest CEO of travel guidebook company Lonely Planet, plans to use its growing business in China as a way to test out new digital opportunities.

Cabrera was appointed in February, replacing former CEO Daniel Houghton, and has since focused on increasing Lonely Planet’s distribution platform beyond the company’s traditional print guidebook. Currently, Cabrera said, the business is undergoing a research project for the “next evolution” of guides, in order to reach out to younger generations of travelers.

Lonely Planet’s biggest customer growth right now is in non-English speaking regions, especially China, Cabrera told Skift at the Travel Disruption Summit in New York Wednesday. As a result of this, the travel company is currently rethinking its strategy in the country, and plans to experiment with different digital opportunities there.
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Federal government announces new rules on airline passenger protection, compensation

The federal government is rolling out its air passenger protection regulations on the eve of the summer travel season setting out what compensation airlines must pay for failing to provide adequate services to passengers.

The new regulations announced Friday will be launched in two phases. Some regulations come into force on July 15, while others will not take effect until December 15.

“Our goal was to provide a world-leading approach to air passenger rights that would be predictable and fair for passengers while ensuring our air carriers remain strong and competitive,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement.

“After a long and thorough consultation process, I am proud to say these new regulations achieve that balance and will give air travellers the rights and treatment they pay for and deserve,” he added.
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