Ohtori Shrine鷲神社

“Tori-no-Ichi”Festivals of Ohtori Shrine in Asakusa,Tokyo are held twice or thrice every November since the Edo era.(the Chistian era 1750-1760)

The Festivals appellation is called first Festival “Ichinotori”,the second Festival “Ninotori”,the third Festival “Sannotori”. The origin of “Tori-no-Ichi” Festivals of the Japanese mythology of the Ameno-Hiwashino-Mikoto and the Yamato-Takeruno-Mikoto are worshiping as god,also the Ohtori Shrine commonly are called “Otori-Sama” and the Festivals on the days be bustling by worshipers,that days celebrate the Festival all day long. And this worship is that invoke a providence,give thanks to a divine favour,both it is that pray good fortune and good news in future and keep out of harm’s way.

They are brought about its when we live the daily life purely,righteously,vigorously,harmoniously. Then the 300 rake stalls in the yard of the Ohtori Shrine sold lucky rakes decorated with colorful symbols of good fortune,believed to bring wealth to the purchasers.