Tobifudoson Shobouin Temple飛不動尊 正寶院

Ryukozan Shoboin was founded in 1530 as a mountain ascetic temple of the Tendai sect.

The temple’s principal image of Fudo or the Immovable has been known for long as Tobifudo or Flying Fudo since He is believed to fly to those in trouble and save them from suffering.

Hiko-mamori is a good luck amulet praying to Him especially for safe flights and safe journeys.

Please take omomori(good luck charm) out of the paper bag and always carry it with you.

after one year,please give omamori back to the temple to replace it with a new one.

Please burn or give omomori back to the temple when it becomes unnecessary. Flying Deity Tobifudo Ryukozan Shoboin.