Downtown Honolulu

Honolulu’s Chinatown seems nicer than Toronto’s any Chinatown.  However, I only saw small businesses there and the prices are usually higher than those in Toronto.

In downtown Toronto’s main Chinatown, there are at least 10 bank branches have Chinese bank name outside and provide full Chinese services. There are also foreign exchange and all kinds of other services in Toronto’s Chinatown, instead of only restaurants, food market and small shops.

Aqua Continental Hotel

Aqua Continental Hotel is just steps from the beach, just like most hotels here in Waikiki.

It has complimentary WiFi throughout hotel. Sometimes, WiFi broke in my room and I had to ask them to reconfigure the network. When the Internet broke at night, nobody could help me. But the WiFi in the lobby may still be working. So you can almost always get WiFi connection from somewhere in the hotel.

The safe-deposit box in the room is free to use. But if you lose the key, you’ll have to pay $100 to open it.

The room is clean. The TV has dozens of channels including Travel Channel, CNN, ABC and local news channels. Hair blower, iron and ironing board are all there in the room.

My room has pretty good view. If it wasn’t blocked by those high-rise buildings, I could get a better sea view from my room.