Fly to Honolulu from Buffalo via Chicago and San Francisco.

Chicago Airport

San Francisco Airport (SFO)

I arrived in Honolulu in the afternoon. I used the phone at the receptions to call Andy to bring me upstairs.

Back to Toronto

I’ve just come back from sunny Hawaii yesterday. A snowstorm hit Toronto today.

The weather is really bad. But Daniel told me there’s a paycheck for me and I need to sign the contract for my parttime webmaster job. So I decided to go downtown after all.

When I met up with Daniel and told him I need a long vacation this summer. He decided not to sign the contract with me and didn’t even give me the paycheck for my previous work. I don’t care. They don’t pay me well anyway.

Pearl Harbor

3-minute ferry trip to the offshore memorial at the sunken USS Arizona


1177 US soldiers died in the battleship USS Arizona when it took a direct hit and sank in less than nine minutes on Decemeber 7, 1941 when a wave of more than 350 Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, home of the US Pacific Fleet.

Weather permitting, programs run every 15 minutes from 8am to 3pm(from 7:45am in summer) on a first-come, first-served basis. Pick up a free ticket at the information booth. The number printed on the ticket corresponds to the time the tour begins.

Visitors are not allowed to bring any items that allow concealment, including purses, camera bags, funny packs backpacks, diaper bags, shopping bags and the like. Also, cameras or video cameras largr than 12 inches can not be brought into the site at all.


Bus No. 20, 42 and City Express-A are the most direct from Waikiki to the visitor center,taking about an hour. Bus No. 20 makes a stop at the airport, adding about 15 minutes to the travel time.