2012 Pride Week LGBT Short Film Showcase

Chronicling the diversity of the queer experience.

Runs till Fri, June 29. 9am-7pm.

Graham Spry Theatre.(next to CBC Musuem on the main floor) CBC Broadcasting Centre, 205 Wellington Street.

Free admission.

CBC Museum


Film list:

Chained! by Betsy Kalin

14 minutes/Documentary/2010

Why are lesbians the biggest consumers of wallet chains? Chained! is a humorous romp through the lives of these quirkly lesbians who define themselves by their chains.

Pat’s First Kiss, by Pat Mills

5 minutes/Animated comedy/2007

The sad-but-hilariously-true story of the filmmaker

52, by Josh and Robi Levy

4 minutes/Comedy/2010

“52” probes one man’s greatest nightmare:getting old

Fresh Air Therapy 1, by Christoph Scheermann

Abstract Random:Mi Nah Wanna

After, by Mark Pariselli

12 minutes/Drama-comedy/2010

Three teenage boys idealize and fantasize about an older teenage football player.

The Not So Subtle Subtext

The Young Prime Minister,by Bill Taylor

11:30 minutes/Drama/2009

What’s a single mother to do when her young son decides he wants to wear a pair of pink sneakers to school?

Slow Burn

The Golden Pin, by Cuong Ngo

16 minutes/Drama/2009

Long, a young Vietnamese-Canadian swimmer, finds himself struggling between the expectations of his family and the demands of his heart.