Hubuxiang, Wuchang, Wuhan, China

Hubuxiang is an alleyway connecting Minzhu Lu(Democracy St.) and Ziyou Lu(Freedom St.) in Wuchang, Wuhan, China. Tourists can find various delicious food here including some great local street foods, such as Doupi and Reganmian(Hot and Dry Noodles).

Hubuxiang, Wuchang, Wuhan

Hubuxiang, Ziyou Lu, Wuhan

Minzhu Lu, Wuhan

Hubuxiang, Wuhan

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Wuhan Spring Rolls
Wuhan Spring Rolls: RMB 5. Not worth the money. There’s only a sprinkling of Chinese chives in them, nothing else inside.

Sijimei Soup Dumplings
Sijimei Tangbao – Wuhan’s most famous version of Shanghai Xiaolongbao. They are slightly bigger than those you get at Din Tai Fung. The best ones sold here are just as expensive as those served at Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore.

Chinese fastfood 1.05RMB/50g


The area surrounding Hubuxiang is also a major shopping area in Wuhan famous for cheap fashion goods.

Jiefang Lu, Wuhan

Jiefang Lu, Wuhan

Jiefang Lu, Wuhan