Shanghai City Central International Hostel

Shanghai City Central International Hostel is located in the western part of the city, very close to downtown, but not at the city centre.

City Central International Hostel in Shanghai

There are three metro lines and many bus routes around the hostel, so you can easily get to any tourist attractions in Shanghai for less . The bus fare is 2 yuan and the metro fare is 3 yuan or more depending on the length of your trip.

It cost me 7 yuan and 2 hours to get to the hostel from Pudong International Airport.

Free buffet breakfast(7:30am-9:30am):hot milk, cold milk, cereals, bread, jam, butter, orange juice drink, soy milk, black rice porridge with peanuts, veggie baozi, pork baozi, youtiao, Chinese pickles…

You may use wi-fi for free or you can use their computer to surf the Internet and the cost is 1 yuan/15 minutes.

Microwave oven and fridge are free to use. But there is no kitchen at the hostel. Cheap meal can be found at 24 hour convenience stores. There are also at least three Mcdonald’s restaurants near the hostel.

The restrooms on ground floor:

Dormitories are equipped with air conditioner(hot/cold air). Hot showers are available. However it can be a little chilly to take a shower in winter because the bathroom is not air-conditioned.

You can weigh yourself for free as well. 🙂

I very much enjoyed the free Dumplings Party at 20:00 on friday night. We made jiaozi(Chinese dumplings) ourselves and ate them all. Very delicious. Don’t worry if you don’t even know what jiaozi is. Hostel staff will teach you how to make them.

Sometimes you can find a nightmarket on weekends along the main street(Wuning Road) outside the hostel. You can find some really cheap stuff here, eg: 5 pairs of cute socks for 10 yuan.