Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum江戸下町伝統工芸館

Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum, located near the Senso-ji Temple, introduces traditional handicrafts which concentrated the skills of craftworkers that were cultivated and inherited in the history and climate of “Shitamachi” (old Tokyo in Edo period).

Demonstrations of craftmaking by artisans are performed on the ground floor every Saturday and Sunday. In the 2nd floor exhibition room, crafts of approx. 400 items from 50 kinds of industry such as Edo Kiriko (a kind of glasswork), Bekko (tortoise-shell) work, Hagoita (battledores), and Edo Sashimono woodwork are displayed at the permanent exhibition. Also in the video corner, you can watch recordings of scenes of the crafts people in action. Furthermore, auctions of crafted products are held twice a year, and all sorts of events to experience craftwork including handicraft classes are available, enabling people to fully appreciate the workers’ skills inherited over years from the old days of the Edo period.