G20 Toronto

Yesterday evening, I stepped outside my house and suddenly saw police formed a line and blocked my way to Queen st.

I was behind the line at first. When one cop saw me, he very rudely told me to go to the front of the police line. I complied and found myself and dozens others including journalists surrounded by police. I tried to go back home but police wouldn’t allow me. So I stayed.

Then the downpour started. I leaned against a building to seek shelter.A cop was unhappy with that. “What are you doing there? It’s private property. You can not stand there.” So he forced me to stand in the downpour which lasted hours. How did he know that’s not my “private proverty”? The property owner didn’t complain but the cop did. Who is he there protecting and serving? Shall I blame capitalism or racism?

Shouldn’t I protest police action last night at Spadina/Queen?