Jinshan and Teresa Teng Memorial Park

Teresa Teng is the most popular singer among Chinese people around the world. You can find her song being played on the streets of Melaka, Toronto, Bangkok, any Chinese cities. People say “Wherever there are Chinese people, there are Teresa Teng’s songs”

The Moon Represents My Heart by Teresa Teng:

Teresa Teng was buried in a mountainside tomb at Jin Bao Shan, a cemetery in Jinshan, Taipei County, Taiwan. In order to get there, I need to get to Jinshan township first by bus.

Two bus companies run routes from Taipei City to Jinshan: King Bus (via Keelung) and Royal Bus (via Yang Ming Shan Mountain). I went with King Bus which has a stop at Lianhe (United) Newspaper bus stop near City Hall metro station.

You can get off at Jinshan Post Office where Ci Hu Temple, the largest temple in Jinshan, is just a stone’s throw away. Ci Hu temple’s main deity is Golden Face Mazu.

Ci Hu Temple is also the south end of Jin Bao Li Old Street. There are many shops along the street. Jinshan is famous for sweet potatoes. So I ate a lot there.

When you reach the north end of Jin Bao Li Old Street, turn left to a major intersection of Zhong Zheng Road and Zhong Shan Road. Walk to the other side of Zhong Shan Road and that’s where I waited for the free shuttle bus(van actually) to Juming Museum up in the mountain of Jin Bao Shan.

Free Shuttle to Juming Museum:

Juming Museum:

I then walked uphill from Juming Museum parking lot to Teresa Teng Memorial Park following road signs. It took me approximately 15 minutes to reach the cemetery (including time to take photos).
View on the road to the park:

There were several large tourist groups from mainland China as well as several Taiwanese families went to visit Teresa Teng’s tomb during my time of visit. Some people offered flowers, many people played the giant “piano” at the park. I think she’s not lonely there.

The park and a great view of Jinshan and the north coast of Taiwan. Jin Bao Shan cemetery itself is very pretty too. This is a great location.