Arriving in Shanghai

I arrived in Shanghai in the morning and took a taxi to Captain Hostel. The price is 60RMB or $7/night/bunk. I don’t need to make my bed by myself. The hostel does it for me and get clean sheets for me everyday.

Guests in the hostel are from all over the world. According to my observation, at least 1/3 are young Japanese at their 20s. I talked to 2 Japanese, 2 Scotish and 1 French.

I met a French guy when I returned to the hostel with my camera. He told me that he was looking for a Japanese guy who I saw leaving the hostel to a pub seconds ago. He insisted the Japanese guy went up to the bar at the sixth floor and told me that I can get a great view there and take pictures. But it’s already too late, most lights had been turned off already. So he suggested me to come up again tomorrow morning to take pictures. When I saw him in the morning, he’s already with another Chinese boy going upstairs to the bar.

The 2 Scotish guys look like a couple. I doubted if they slept in the same bunk since the bed is wide enough for two people to sleep in.

There was another guy who I didn’t know there he came from. My guess the fat guy is from the US. He talked on the phone with his mom in the bed at night telling her that he met some Chinese queer in the street.

The 2 Japanese could be gay too. I guided them in downtown Shanghai on the first day. They wanted to have dinner at a cheap place. But we were in downtown late at night. So the cheapest meal costed them 15RMB or $2/each. Obviously they thought it’s still too expensive. They didn’t order any drinks. Instead, they waited until the girl near to us left and took her ice crystals leftover.

Huaihai Road

The Bund

Nanjing Road