Adorable alert: Panda Inn to open in China


Located at the foot of Emei Mountain in Emeishan, in southwest China’s Sichuan province, the 32-room Panda Inn is set to open in May. Billed as the world’s first panda-themed hotel, everything inside will be a tribute to the endangered species, even its staff. The hotel aims to be “a real ocean of panda culture,” according to manager “Panda Qin” on the hotel’s website.

Black and white bunkmate
Complete with ears and paws, the giant panda bed may be the closest you’ll ever get to sleeping on the furry creature.

Panda service
Waiters in penguin suits at fancy restaurants? Lame. Try dedicated staff in full panda suits.

Titanic panda romance
The movie-themed room features a panda reenactment of Jack and Rose’s iconic scene at the bow of the doomed liner. Our heart for pandas goes on.

Fighting for panda love
Pandas squeeze into costumes of the “Sailor Moon” cast in the anime room.

Warning: panda pillow fights inevitable
Plush pandas are everywhere in the family room.

Chinese dance studio
Enthusiasts will have pandas twirling in their heads for weeks, just like the artwork in the dance-themed room.