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Sunday, January 7th, 2018




Lipstick and Bananas: Shoppers Drug Mart Sells Food Too

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Canada’s largest drugstore chain Shoppers Drug Mart has added fresh food to many of its stores.

For many Torontonians, often if there’s not a grocery store nearby, it’s convenient to go to Shoppers and pick up like milk, eggs and meat.

At selected Shoppers Drug Mart stores, colourful produce lines the shelves close by cosmetics — everything from oranges, apples and bananas to tomatoes and cucumbers.

The refrigerated section displays fresh fish and meat selections like sausages and ground beef. Prepared foods ranged from sandwiches to sushi and salads.

Milk and eggs at Shoppers Drug Mart are sold at the same prices at No Frills.

Most food items are not cheap. But I’ve noticed there’s often a lot of 50% off sale items at the store near my home. The meat and vegetable can be cheaper than those at No Frills when they are on sale. Those 50% off sale items may or may not be expiring soon items. I’ve found some cookies expiring in 2 days and some chicken breasts expiring in 7 days.

Hot meals 50% OFF

Fresh meat 50% OFF

Vegetables 50% OFF

Expensive Fruits
Fruits at Shoppers don’t come cheap. I’ve found Mcintosh apples for $0.99 — each. In nearby grocery stores, they are also sold for $0.99 — but by the pound.

“The convenience is all that matters.” Some may say.

Boxing Day at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Cold Weather couldn’t stop people from going out shopping on Boxing day.

UNIQLO Boxing Days Sale